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Voigt! Whenever there's a break, you're likely to see Voigt, and today Voigt finally found the one that worked for him. He and Oscar Pereiro whittled the break down until it was just them. Voigt then went with 800m to go; Pereiro pulled it back. They sat and talked a bit, and then Voigt went again and was able to hold off Pereiro.

It was an ideal situation for a break, as Phonak was completely uninterested in chasing as were the sprint teams. It seems that everyone in the peloton is still too tired and will do some pessimal pacing with Alpe d'Huez and the rest of the Alps on their minds. The weather has been hot, the stages have been long, and the rest day isn't until Monday.

FRANCK FIFE/AFP/Getty ImagesThe big news is a transfer of yellow jersey to Oscar Pereiro. I don't know what the Vegas line was on Pereiro moving into the yellow jersey from 28 minutes back -- heck, the odds of a break getting a half an hour on the field was probably pretty slim. The appears to have been Landis' tactic, as he's been hinting at his desire to hand over the yellow jersey temporarily in order to take some pressure off of his team. Landis didn't want to use up his team before the Alps, especially since they were barely there for the Pyrenees. But Oscar Pereiro moving into yellow on a Stage 13 break? I don't think I saw that in anyone's predictions. (Photo by FRANCK FIFE/AFP/Getty Images)

The mountains return tomorrow. Oscar Pereiro will be handing over that yellow jersey again soon -- we're getting close to breaking the record for most yellow jersey changes. Pereiro can climb, but I can't see him defending well after riding in a break like that. Other riders that are way down should take note -- the peloton and leaders are going to allow long breaks (Hincapie, you there?).

Prediction check: * My prediction: A breakaway. Hincapie from the dartboard. McEwen wins the bunch sprint. * Actual: A breakaway (not Hincapie), McEwen wins the bunch sprint.


I'm watching this one pretty late as I needed to catch up on sleep, so my 3-hour delayed log is in the extended.

TiVo-delayed stage log

Prediction: I'm not sure the peloton recovered a whole lot yesterday, so I'm going to say another breakaway will win. Discovery said they would go for the win everyday, but yesterday they used up Popovych and Hincapie, and they lost Noval and Savoldelli. Eki also was dropped and must be tired. I'll go with Hincapie, because who can really predict a breakaway? I would like to predict Voigt, but while he's been in a break everyday, he's been in a break every day, and that's got to make it hard to actually win one, no? And I'll predict McEwen winning the bunch sprint at the end.

Cote de Peuchabon, KOM 1 Chavanel took the climb in a break with Pereiro, Grivko, Quinziato, and Voigt but no one really cared

Col de la Caronille, KOM 2: Grivoko took this one

Anduze, Sprint 1: Quinziato took the sprint, but there wasn't really a sprint

Cote de l'Arbousset, KOM 3: Chavanel took this one

The break is 19:30 ahead with 95.4k to go. There's no real threat in this break. All of the riders are more than 20 minutes out of first.

The weather is still hot at 96 degrees and there is a threat of t-storms

The feed zone helped the lead jump up to 21+ minutes

I tried using 'musette' as the Fly to the Finish keyword but it's not working for me. (Tourmalet, Phonak, Gerolsteiner, Hincapie, Bastille Day, Leipheimer, USA, breakaway, cyclysm, and Landis are codes I can remember right now, you can probably guess all the codes)

25:08, 63k to go, definitely time to start guessing who in the break will win. I'll go with Chavanel, because I haven't a clue. I'd like Voigt to win, but he's got to be a bit tired.

Sprint 2: Pereiro took the sprint

27:06, 40k to go. At this rate, Phonak is going to hand the yellow jersey over to Pereiro. They don't want to defend the yellow jersey, but do they really want to hand over a 30-minute break.

Grivko's chain snapped and he got a new bike. He's back in the break quickly.

Cote de Villenneuve de Berg, KOM 4: Quinziato is sprinting up the climb as he tries to leave the break behind. Voigt pulls them back in, but that attack has dropped Grivko. Voigt has moved to the front and pulled everyone over the top.

The now four-man break is working together again.

Now Chavanel has attacked. Quinzato is bridging, Voigt is further back pulling Pereiro. Voigt asks Pereiro to help and he does. Quinziato has caught on to Chavanel and Pereiro has pulled Voigt back in. We're back to 4.

12k, 27:18

Jens Voigt attacks at the 5k mark. He's being caught by Chavanel. Now it's Pereiro's attack, who seemed to attack in slo-mo. Voigt jumped on his wheel. Chavanel is pulling Quinziato in, finally Quinziato is helping pull it back. Voigt went to the front and pulled hard. Now Pereiro comes through and is helping. 3k to go.

Voigt and Pereiro have quite a gap. Voigt is pulling now. Now Pereiro, so they're working together. Pereiro is racing for the yellow jersey. Chavanel and Quinziato have given up chase.

1k to go and Voigt/Pereiro are working together.

Voigt attacks at 800m. Pereiro is catching. Now they're side by side, talking.

Voigt accelerates again he holds it!

The lead has to stay at 28:20 for Pereiro to get yellow

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