Tour predictions

Going on the record now, here are my predictions:


  1. Basso
  2. Ullrich (it's gonna be close)
  3. Landis (his team is even less strong now)
  4. Discovery rider (either Azevedo or Popovych)
  5. Leipheimer
  6. Valverde
  7. Vinokourov
  8. Mancebo
  9. Mayo
  10. Another Discovery rider (Azevedo/Popo/Hincapie)

Team overall: 1. CSC 2. Discovery 3. T-Mobile

King of the Mountain: Rasmussen

Still haven't decided on sprint/young rider, and -- as you can tell -- I haven't really made up my mind yet as to who Discovery will try and vault up the podium. My guess is that they will send either Azevedo or Popo on the attack and use Hincapie and the remaining rider to try and keep the other contenders from chasing.

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Comments (3)


So does today's Tour news mean Landis is your pick?

Looks like this could be an American Tour after all....


Oh, so sad. I hope Landis manages to stay our of trouble.


I'll be updating my picks later today. I'm currently debating the possibility of Bobby J in third, which could make for a very, very American tour.