Bookends: Cancellara and Zabriskie

Fabian Cancellara starting Zabriskie Warming Up-1

CSC's Time Trial Titans are now Tour de France bookends: Cancellara took the stage win in amazing fashion and Zabriskie soft-pedaled into the last place. Apparently he gets DZ gets apples. Fabian's prize might be better. He'll need to lose a lot more time to take the Lanterne Rouge from Kuchynsky

Update: to quote Vande Velde:

Jens was laughing the other day, commenting on how the first three guys who had to work on the first stage would be team captains on any other team. Jens, Stuey and Dave Z had to work first and God bless anyone trying to get away with those guys pulling behind them.

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Thanks for the link!

I love Zabriskie. I especially like thinking of him working hard as a great domestique for Cancellara. And I hope he kicks Cancellara's butt on the longer ITT.


My first reaction was sadness when I saw him losing time on the early stages. I had held out absurd hope that he might get back in yellow, but that was replaced with the sadistic pleasure in knowing that that the US TT champion is there to put the pain on anyone trying to escape.

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