Disco fines: Saddle beats bottle

rocketbike.jpgLeipheimer was fined 50 CHF ($41.53) for the Saddle-Slingshot Maneuver that got him back in the pack after a dropped chain. The mechanic leaned out of the window of the team car and grabbed the back of Leipheimer's saddle while the team car accelerated back up to the peloton (I want to do that!). I'm sure the mechanic was just checking the saddle height on the replacement bike.

More expensive was the 50 CHF, 5 points, and 10 seconds he lost for a Water-Bottle-Slingshot Maneuver. From the TV coverage, the saddle maneuver seemed more effective and it didn't come with the ten-second time penalty. Clearly, saddle rocket wins.

The Disco sport director was fined 200 CHF ($166.15) for Leipheimer's fines and a similar watter-bottle offense with Gusev. I'm pretty sure he's willing to pay that fine.

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