Fly to the Finish codes

Too impatient for the daily trickle of codes for the Fly to the Finish contest? Here's some more to get you started, mostly thanks to this happysunshine28/ thread (note: list is not complete).

Parliament (
Big Ben (Versus Prologue)
Fly Saab (Versus Stage 1)
Boonen ( Stage 2)
Belgium (Versus Stage 2)
Cadence (Versus Stage 3)
Turbocharged ( Stage 3)
Green Jersey (Stage 4)
Hushovd ( Stage 4)
Feed Zone (Stage 5)
Attack ( Stage 5)
Born From Jets (Stage 6)
First Class ( Stage 6)
Breakaway (Stage 7)
Musette ( Stage 7)
Air Crafted (Stage 8)
Aerodynamic ( Stage 8)
Domestique ( Rest Day 1)
Climb ( Stage 9)
Gradient (Stage 9)
Sport Combi ( Stage 10)
Sprint (Stage 10)
Peloton ( Stage 11)
Marseille (Stage 11)
Runway ( Stage 12)
Power (Stage 12)
Drafting ( Stage 13)
Echelon (Stage 13)
Wheel ( Stage 14)
Pyrenees (Stage 14)
Performance (Stage 15/commenter supplied)
Throttle ( Stage 15)
Chain Ring (Stage 16/commenter supplied)
Descent ( Stage 16/commenter supplied)
Time trial (Stage 19)
Yellow jersey
Bonk ( Stage 19)
Derailleur ( Stage 18)
Zabriskie (commenter supplied)
Vinokourov (commenter supplied)
Cervelo (commenter supplied)
Tour (commenter supplied)
Shift (commenter supplied)
Competition (commenter supplied)

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Thanks so much for the supplying those that I've missed. While I love watching the Tour De France, having to stay awake to watch the midnight replay for a code has been a little much.

another code:


more codes:


yet one more:


a few more:

4 more codes


Have not gotten anything but "sorry".
Also saw a thread on another forum and tried 'variations' of words
ex Paris, pAris, paRis, parIs and all were accepted to permit a spin. Well it worked a few times but now doesn't seem to want to any more - perhaps there is a cookie I have to locate/remove.


Wow, thanks for all the codes. You've found quite a few.

I'll note on the variations play, it works, but technically it disqualifies you. The odds of winning the contest are small enough that it may not matter, but just FYI

lori detuk:

Things Happen! look at the Tour and events that can unfold! YOU COULD WIN, SO PLAY TO THE END........!!!!!!! I'M SO GLAD TEAM DISCOVERY WON! 1ST AND 3RD FOR THE TOUR! And L won the STAGE TODAY!

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