performance predictions

With the rest day upon, might as well see how my predictions have scored. 4.5/9 isn't too bad, though when my predictions have been wrong, they've been really wrong.

  • Stage 8: Rasmussen
  • Stage 7: Hincapie (dropped from main pack)
  • Stage 6: Boonen
  • Stage 5: Voigt (Pozzato predicted his own win)
  • Stage 4: Boonen (Hushovd trounced him)
  • Stage 3: Boonen (did anyone pick Cancellara?)
  • Stage 2: Boonen (half-credit on this one, as Boonen gifted the win to Steegmans, taking second instead)
  • Stage 1: McEwen
  • Prologue: Cancellara

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