Millar almost confirms Slipstream move

The Vino news trampled the Saunier Duval press conference like a Kazakhstan Railways trainwreck. Lost in the implosion were:

  1. Saunier Duval's announcements about its "100 years from a million trees" program in Mali. VeloNews carried some coverage back in January: A week in Mali - A Glenn Myrent Gallery.

  2. Millar may have been about to announce his move to Slipstream (quote from VeloNews:

"The irony here is that I was hoping to make an announcement today about my future plans," Millar said, likely referring to rumors that next year he will ride for Slipstream Sports, the strict anti-doping squad run by Jonathan Vaughters.

"I have some projects in the works. I am hoping to work with young riders, to show them that you don't have to dope to succeed."

The Slipstream has long been speculated and even 'confirmed' by Reuters, though Millar denied any actual confirmations in the Tour interviews I've seen.

I've been awaiting official Slipstream news as there has been a ton of speculation for big names that Slipstream will supposedly try to sign this year including Zabriskie, Hincapie, and Laurent.

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I know a lot of people feel Millar is discredited given his past, but Millar's now outspoken opposition to doping makes him a good match for Slipstream, IMO.


Yeah, it's kinda like hiring former hackers to run your security -- it can work with the right person.

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