Prologue predictions

Fabian CancellaraGotta lock these in just in case I miss my alarm in the mornin':

  1. Fabian Cancellara
  2. David Millar
  3. Bradley Wiggins
  4. Dave Zabriskie

Honestly, this one is too hard to predict. Cancellara, Millar, and Wiggins all have this stage marked on their calendars; all have shown they have the skills to do it. On another site I predicted Millar, Wiggins, Cancellara, tipping the scales for the home-field advantage. The lack of technical terrain would normally make me favor Zabriskie, but DZ shed a lot of pounds to climb in the mountains and it seems to have cost him some TT power. Suffice to say, I want to see Zabriskie win it and won't be sad to see my predictions wrong. It would be great to see DZ in yellow again, if only for the interviews.

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