Slipstream'd: Millar, Zabriskie, and Vande Velde

Steven Cozza
Slipstream rider Steven Cozza at the ToC
I may be the last cycling site reporting this, but Millar, Zabriskie, and Vande Velde are all confirmed to be future argyle-sporting riders. Millar and Vande Velde are training partners according to ROAD Mag, and DZ + VV are already teammates. Add Millar's reformed anti-doping stance and the CSC drug testing program and it seems like a good trio of riders to pick up. I'm happy as it means that I should be able to see more of those riders state-side.

Update: "Former Paris-Roubaix winner" to Slipstream as well, which, according to CyclingNews, means either Stuart O'Grady (2007), Fabian Cancellara (2006), Tom Boonen (2005), Magnus Backstedt (2004), or Peter Van Petegem (2003). Backstedt was part of early rumors, so my money's on him.

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Slipstream is lining up quite a stable. They were the team with a gimmick before, but now they're the only team with any cred. They might be one of the only teams with a sponsor next year?

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