Tour de France '07 Stage 5 Winners and Losers (aka Astana)


Pozzato: How's the for predictions, straight from Pozzato's mouth: "I will tell you how it goes tomorrow night. I think it will be a stage to control because everyone will want to go into an escape but we will try to control it so that it arrives in a sprint. A sprint from a small group." (source)

Zabel: Just yesterday he was saying, "normally I'm too old for this shit." He may not have a stage win but he's got the green jersey away from Boonen.

Cancellara: CSC pretended to not want the jersey, but the final climb approached they put it on the line. O'Grady did a great job reeling in the break and Cancellara refused to allow Popovych any room on the final decent, risking it through the corners to keep the jersey for a couple more days. Cancellara also owes a bit of thanks to Liquigas: the put a lot of riders up front to keep things together for Pozzato's ambitions.

Chavanel: Chavanel racked up a load of KOM goodies today on his was to putting on polka dots today: the Cote des Grandes-Chatelaines, Cote de Domecy-sur-Cure, Cote de Champignolles-le-Bas, Cote de Coulon, Cote de Saint-Maurice, Cote de Chateau-Chinon, and the big 10pt prize of the Haut-Folin. Only the Cote de la Croix de la Liberation was out of his grasp. All well-deserved for a rider who let his teammate keep the KOM jersey yesterday.


AFP/Getty Images

AFP/Getty Images

Vinokourov: Hard to designate someone a loser after fighting back so hard, exhausting all of his teammates and then himself, covered in blood. But 1'20" plus some injuries (possibly broken bones) with the real mountains so close has really changed his fortunes.

Boonen: Plenty of sprinters made it in the front group, but not Boonen, who eventually found himself getting towed by Vino's crisis. No stage wins and now now green jersey. A poor finish in stage 4 coupled with the goose egg today are throwing a wrench into his plans.

Kloden: Phil reports that Kloden may have broken his coccyx, which would cap a hard day in which Kloden crashed twice but managed to remain in the peloton.

Astana: They get an entire mention as well as Kashechkin was the only rider unscathed today. They formed a nice Kazakhstan Railways train with a Predictor-Lotto hitchhiker, but they used up a lot of gas on this stage. Kloden and Kashechkin were safely in the peloton, but the stage results tell the story for the team that started off first in the overall team standings:

83 Alexandre Vinokourov (Kaz) Astana 1.20
120 Maxim Iglinskiy (Kaz) Astana 4.57
121 Serguei Ivanov (Rus) Astana
142 Paolo Savoldelli (Ita) Astana 7.04
143 Antonio Colom Mas (Spa) Astana
150 Daniel Navarro Garcia (Spa) Astana 9.36
158 Grégory Rast (Swi) Astana 11.15

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