Tour de France '07 Stage 7 Link Roundup

Rest Day Update: Millar Diaries Stage 7

Updates 6:30PM-10PM: Vino Stage 7, CyclingNews Roundup 1, CyclingNews Roundup 2,

Updates 2PM: Graham Watson, Casey Gibson, Stage 7 Highlight Video, Linus Gerdemann Post-Race, Levi Post-Race, Fast Freddie Post-Race, T-Mobile's Bob Stapleton Post-Race, Lanterne Rouge, Cyclelicious: TdF Stage 7, Graham Watson Audio Report, Rolf Aldag, Cadel Evans, Linus Gerdemann; Carmichael Sez: GC Contenders Pass Test #1, Daily Peloton Stage 7

Updates 11:30AM: Can Gerdemann save German cycling?, VeloNews Stage 7 Notes, Bob Martin, Fabian Wegmann, Gerolsteiner T-Mobile, Discovery Channel, Team CSC Blog, Linus Gerdemann Post-Race, VeloNews Stage 7 Stats, T-Mobile bookends GC with high hopes for Rogers, Discovery bides its time with 4 in top 20



Stage Results/Summaries:




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I finally added your Twitter feed to my list of aggregated feeds. It took a while because I use Yahoo Pipes to aggregate it all and I had to switch a couple of things around to fit your in. No big deal really but it required more than absolutely minimal effort.

Speaking of which, are you any good with Javascript or regular expressions? I'm just a hack with that stuff and I'd like a way to convert the URLs in the Twitter feeds to real 'a href=' links.


Thanks for including me in the Tweet roundup. These 4:30AM stages are a bit too early for me to be part of the live twitter gang, though I've been able to catch up for the final hour or so. I should be able to do better once after that rest day!

I sent a javascript mod your way that should be good enough for twitter work.

Thanks Ken!

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