Tour de France '07 Albi TT Previews and Predictions

It's a bit early for me to already start posting this entry, but this wide-open Tour has been waiting for a big sorting that a TT can provide and tomorrow is it.


CyclingNews Stage Preview: "A twisty, tricky out and back time test, stage 13 could prove unlucky for riders who are not competent time trialists. The first 20 kilometres are a gradual uphill, then the course is downhill and flat until the 34-kilometre point, where the four-kilometre climb up the sinuous Cat. 4 Côte de la Bauzié awaits. Then there is a difficult descent and return to Albi on the D999 road where an experienced tester can make a difference."

Update: VeloNews Stage 13 Preview is up as is Carmichael Sez: "Knowns & Unknowns".

Bobby J's Picks

Bobby Julich's Picks given to Neil@ROAD:

  1. Cancellara
  2. Kloden
  3. Hincapie
  4. Contador
  5. Evans

John Hay Jr 2006 ITT tallies (via CyclingNews)

A reader, John Hay Jr, wrote into CyclingNews with tallies of the contenders combined ITT times from last year. You can find it in the Stage 12 live feed at 13:22 CEST. Last year's time trials were similar in distance, though courses change. I assume you divide by 2 to get the approximate splits for tomorrow.

(2) Andreas Klöden, 2h 11'52"
(13) Oscar Pereiro, 2h14'48" - 2'56" behind Klöden's time
(4) Cadel Evans, 2h14'58" - 3'06"
(18) Denis Menchov, 2h15'44" -3'52"
(6) Carlos Sastre, 2h16'11" -4'19"
(14) Christophe Moreau, 2h17'01" -6'19"
(9) Levi Leipheimer, 2h21'35" -9'43"
(10) Mikel Astarloza, 2h21'52" -10'00"
(1) Michael Rasmussen, 2h24'48" -12'56"

There are no results for Valverde, Vinokourov, Contador, or Mayo. Also, Levi did especially terrible in last year's TT, which I think skews his results.

Versus picks

  • Al: Kloden
  • Paul: Cancellara
  • Bob: Evans
  • Phil: Leipheimer

My Predictions

  1. Cancellara
  2. Leipheimer
  3. Kashechkin
  4. Kloden
  5. Evans
  6. Hincapie
  7. Vinokourov
  8. Valverde
  9. Contador

Levi hasn't shown an amazing TT since he raced stateside this year, but he's so much faster than last year and I wouldn't be surprised to see him have a breakout day tomorrow. Kashechkin finished second to Vino in the Dauphine and sits just outside the top ten. Cancellara had the luxury of soft-pedaling it today to gear up for the the TT -- not that he needs much advantage as World TT champ.

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