Tour de France '07 Stage 13: Albi TT

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13 was a lucky number for Astana as they turned their disasterous Stage 5 on its head: Vinokourov first, Kloden third, and Kashechkin fourth. Vino's effort jumped him from 19th to 9th place in the overall standings, 5:10 behind. Kloden is 4th and Kashechkin is 6th, giving Astana several weapons in the GC.

Evans broke up the Astana 1-2-3 by finishing in second, 1:14 behind, but he will be disappointed that he didn't take the yellow jersey with his effort: Rasmussen did the time trial of his career and even passed Valverde on the finishing straight. Valverde's poor 47th-place finish dropped him out of the overall top ten after starting in second.

Discovery didn't have an Astana day but put in a respectable 6-7-9 in the standings with Popovych (despite crashing), Contador, and Leipheimer. Contador appears to be taking over the leader status from Leipheimer as he finished 0:21 faster and moves into third in the overall, while Levi takes fifth. CSC, as expected, couldn't deliver a strong effort with Sastre or Schleck, but Sastre was able to stay seventh overall.

Early rain saw many riders finish with wet and bloody skinsuits. Cancellara put in a good early time check but quickly fell from the standings after he crashed and appeared to hurt his arm. Wiggins instead had the top early mark on the day, which stood until Vinokourov put in a shockingly fast TT: 2:13 faster than Wiggins. Gusev was putting in a good time until he crashed into a roundabout and went skidding over the curb.

Despite drying road conditions, none of the riders who started later than Vino could match his pace. Kloden nipped at his teammate's heels but lost time when he crashed in a wet, slippery corner.

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Wet and rainy course.

Wiggins has the best time so far with 1:08:48. Hoste is second at 1:09:30 and Millar third at 1:10:01.

Cancellara was nowhere near top time due to a crash that hurt his arm -- his bike was dodgy in a lot of the corners and went right down on a left-hander. He came in at 1:15:19 after he was only half a minute behind Wiggins at the first check. Didn't expect to see my pick go away by such a margin.

Cancellara - FRANCK FIFE/AFP/Getty Images FRANCK FIFE/AFP/Getty Images

Vino is the first of the top contenders to go on the road.

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Schleck is out on course as Voigt is one the climb trying to reel Gusev back in after Gusev passed him.

Janet Jackson moment: TdF fake-rubber nipple slip on the climb

Hincapie slots in at 1:10:19, 5th overall

Vino has the best split by 10 secs over Wiggins

Chavanel comes in with the second-best, 1:09:12. Levi on course. Gusev has crashed in a roundabout -- he was riding faster than Chavanel.

Gusev has re-caught Voigt

Gusev still gets a 1:09:30 despite the crash -- his right side is skinned

Moreau is 53rd at the first check. Contador starts.

Vino's split at the climb 43:59 to Wiggins 44:51. Evans starts

Schleck is already 2:28 behind Vino

Popo is third over the climb to Hoste and Wiggins

Vino is 50:07 to Wiggins 51:26 -- he'll be catching Popo soon at this rate (Popo is 4th best on the climb!)

Levi 1:31 behind Vino at 18km check. Kloden 0:35 slower than Vino at the check.

Popo finishes in 1:08:50, 2 seconds slower than Wiggins

Vino is just behind: 1:06:34

Vino is currently set to easily jump from 19th into the top ten with this performance

Contador is 1:36 behind Vino at his check

Kloden crashed -- his bike hit a slick spot and he went down on his right side

Menchov loses 3:40 to Vino

Levi 2:37 behind at time check

Pereiro loses 3:23 to Vino at the finish. Vino is at least 13th in the overall standings and climbing

Kashechkin in at 1:08;18, second place

Astarloza finished 2:41 behind, he had 2:45 on Vino at the start of the day

Levi loses 2:39 to Vino, 1:09:13

Kloden 1:08:13, second place. Astana day

Rasmussen is having an incredible time trial for him: 17th best at the top of the climb, just behind Levi

Sastre 1:10:35, 4:01 lost to Vino. He stays 20+ seconds ahead of Vino in the overall standings

Contador shows up Levi: 1:08:52 to Levi's 1:09:13 l

Evans put in a great ride of 1:07:48. Second place. He needs 2:41 to take the overall from Ras

Rasmussen is catching Valverde. WTF?

Mayo 1:12:38, he drops behind Vino in the overall

Rasmussen comes in at 1:09:29. He keeps the yellow jersey

Valverde puts in a crappy time.

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