You've got to be kidding me

I'm away from my computer long enough to take a quick flight to San Diego and the first thing I see when I land is that Rasmussen has withdrawn? I'd post a link but this is about all my iphone can handle.

Note: I'm not surprised tha Ras is gone, only that I can't go two hours this Tour without another rider getting kicked out.

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Wow. Well, this Tour is gonna go down in history as one of the crazier ones. And one of the lamest in terms of racing sport.

I guess I'm happy Discovery is in a good position now and some interesting riders who you want to cheer for are in a good spot. Not sure how excited I can be given the way they have moved up to the front. And how many times can I stand to see a rider go from hero to asshole?


Seriously. WHO IS LEFT?! This is the most unbelievable Tour ever. I'm waiting to wake up tomorrow and seeing in the headlines," Leipheimer/Contador/Team Discovery pulled out of race." Forget the time. Whoever FINISHES the race is champion.


Ha, wonder when Contador has to give spanish authorities his DNA sample and gets caught in Puerto...

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