Zabriskie eliminated

There will be no more Zabriskie Diaries to entertain us (perhaps except for Stage 11) as DZ was eliminated for finishing half an hour behind. DZ had be trailing at the back of the peloton during the stage, which was a bad position for Astana's tactics today. He had been complaining of knee pain due to a change in shoes as well as pain just about everywhere else, so he'll probably welcome the relief of not having to race the Pyrenees. We'll be sad not to see him do his stuff in the Albi TT, though. It also means that he won't get the honor of being Lanterne Rouge, which certainly would have gone to him if he had been able to stay within the limit.

Other abandons include Igor Anton and Sylvain Calzati, who abandoned before the split occurred.

update: The finalpenultimate edition of the Zabriskie Diaries, TdF 07 and the final edition.

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