Tour de France 2008 Route

2008.tour.route.jpgThe 2008 route for the Tour de France has been announced. It's being billed as an more 'unpredictable' course that launches straight into three road stages in Brittany and a stage 4 individual time trial. Stage 16, right after a rest day, is being billed as an especially interesting stage: 157km, with 62km of climbing and 43km of descent over two climbs.

I'm in the typical whiner camp: I like prologues and I miss the team time trial. Stage 17 features Alpe d'Huez, which is nice consolation.

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i would love to see the team time trial come back. why haven't they used it in the last few years??


The organizers don't seem to like it as much as we do. Last time there was the controversy on how they chose to award fixed time bonuses for each place instead of running it like a true time trial.

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