Vaughters Tweet of the Day (Stage 5)

The pickings were slim due to the relatively tame (aka boring) stage today, but it's still kinda hard to choose. First off there's the revelation that Garmin-Chipotle is talking to 2 riders for next year's roster. Let the speculation begin. But I liked this pair of tweets:

Maybe I can convince Whitey to tell Will to attack when these dudes get caught? Maybe keep his red number (most aggressive) ? Maybe stupid ?

Probably stupid.... We'll keep the eye on the ball and see if we can put together a good effort for Julian or Maggy.. Au revoir! JV

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JV is probably the most hip team director out there (save Rock Racing's Ball). i hope this gets other guys twittering more - SO ENTERTAINING!!!!!


well rumor has been flying that they've been talking to Chris Meier - not a really big name tho.

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Lyne, always with your finger on the pulse of Canadian cycling ;)

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