letour.jpgI've been using these lazy sprint stages to work on an automated version of my yearly stage-by-stage link roundup:

More features will be added over the coming stages, depending on what strikes my fancy. Right now all links go through a manual approval phase -- I hope to get it good enough that it can auto-approve links that it has good confidence in. If people find it useful, I might turn it loose on other non-TdF stage races. For the curious, it's all implemented on top of Google's Appengine.

Feel free to suggest features of your own or sites I should be checking. I would like to get more content from European teams but am having trouble finding linkable content.

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Ken, this is very cool.

I was going to suggest Flickr photos, but nobody has uploaded anything worthwhile yet that I could find in a very quick search.

Perhaps link to some of the live update Twitter feeds? Jonathan Tessler's (except it looks like his site is down!)


Good idea -- I've added DailyTour, TdFBlog, and TeamSlipstream links that will follow the latest stage. Feel free to suggest more.

My guess is that we'll have to wait until tomorrow's TT to see some decent photos. Slipstream has a gallery, which is nice.

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