updates've made small improvements to over the past few days to try and improvement the overall experience. Some of the most notable improvements are:

  • Photo sidebar: daily photos from the Yahoo AFP/Getty photo feed appear in the sidebar. I take a snapshot of the feed every day so if you go to past stages you'll see that day's feed appear in the sidebar (starting with stage 6). I don't let this one continually update as the photos tend to decrease in quality after the race has finished.
  • Stage highlight video: you'll find a highlight video for each stage at the top of the page.
  • Faster: the first day I got hit with a bunch of unexpected StumbleUpon traffic, which took me over quota. Sine then I've been slowly optimizing the site to help it load faster as well as keep me from ever going over quota again. Much thanks to bp, who pointed out that memcache had been ported to Google Appengine.
  • More sites: over 30 sites are checked regularly now plus any other random links I see in my own reading. I use a combination of RSS feeds and link guessing to find pages. I still don't have a good way of automatically getting VeloNews' and Versus' videos -- suggestions are welcome there.

I may add more features as they come to me. I would like to do more with video, though problems with getting VeloNews/Versus videos plus issues with their Dayport player leave me limited there. I may also open up the gates for people to start submitting links, if that interests you. I can also add more sites -- I'll pretty much take anything so long as it provides a different point of view.

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Ken, rocks. The auto-video and photo feeds are excellent. There's really no need for me to go anywhere else for the link roundups, though I do like reading your race summaries and notes.

"I may also open up the gates for people to start submitting links, if that interests you" -- so kind of a wikification of

kwc Author Profile Page:

Pretty much -- the only thing I haven't decided is whether or not to moderate the submissions. Given that I can tie it into Google Accounts, I can probably let some people have trusted access and then let anonymous users posted links that have to be approved.

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