"Chance of a Lifetime"

George Hincapie - (c) Ken Conley

The story of today can be summarized via Twitter (5 seconds!):

@lancearmstrong: St14 done. Sounds like there's quite a bit of confusion over this one... Noone, and I mean noone, wanted George in yellow more than me.

@lancearmstrong: Our team rode a moderate tempo to put him in the jersey by at least 2 mins. Ag2r said they would not defend then they started to ride.

@lancearmstrong: Until 10km to go he was solidly in yellow until GARMIN put on the gas and made sure it didn't happen.

@lancearmstrong: And I reiterate. @ghincapie deserves to be yellow tonight. He deserves more than that. Look to who pulled the last 50k to see who to blame..

@lancearmstrong: @bfogelstrom And george should be pissed. Very pissed. He can talk to his teammates who were n the bunch w/ us then perhaps it will be clear

@dzabriskie: Pawns in their game...

@lancearmstrong: @bbelshaw told astana 2 chase? Not true @ all. My vision was george would have YJ by 2 mins. Was reality til ag2r and garmin started 2 pull.

@lancearmstrong: Last thing. There were 13 guys in the breakaway. We had 2 guys riding "tempo". That is not chasing by any stretch of the imagination.

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The Tweets from some of the Garmin people were interesting -

Bradley Wiggins "Don't quite understand what went on today. George Hincapie is a legend and deserves to be in yellow tonight!" & Dave Zabriskie w/ a short "Pawns in the Game."

Vaughter's basically tweeted "Life's tought" with his note: "That had nothing to do with George or Columbia. Wiggo almost lost 15 seconds the other day due to a split. We can't have that happen again."

I was really rooting for Hincapie.


Definitely a lot of angst at having to follow orders on this one...

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