Tour de Georgia predictions

The first stage was a sprint finish, so I guess it's not too late to make predictions.

Stage 2: JJ Haedo

Stage 3: Zabriskie win + overall lead (Floyd did beat DZ last year and also at the Tour of Cali, but I want to see DZ win)

Stage 4: Ekimov (or some other rider on a crazy break)

Stage 5: Tom Danielson win + overall lead (with Trent Lowe and Popo as teammates, I would have to pick Team Disco on this stage)

Stage 6: Fast Freddie

There's definitely something wrong with my predictions in that Landis isn't on this list. He's so strong that it seems pretty crazy not to have him listed here, but part of me thinks that Landis might tone it down just a little bit so that he can save some form for the Tour de France.

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