More Stage 4 Photos


Farrar Dropped - (c) Ken Conley Podium - (c) Ken Conley

They set the fastest mark on the day even starting without Timmy Duggan. They also had to shed Best Young Rider Tyler Farrar, though teammate Trent Lowe was there to pick it up. Farrar was unlikely to hold it to the end, so not a big sacrifice.


Astana - (c) Ken Conley Dropped - (c) Ken Conley

Astana lost three riders on its way to second place. The first was Michael Schär, who did not finish and was likely still feeling the ill effects of a crash. Another rider they lost was Kireyev (right).


Haedo Unclipped - (c) Ken Conley

Haedo unclipped from his pedal and his day in the paceline was done.

High Road

High Road - (c) Ken Conley

High Road set some fast splits, but they had to drop Bert Grabsch (above, doing the work at the front).

Rock Racing

Rock Racing - (c) Ken Conley

They shed a lot of riders, including Botero, which certainly hurt their chances.

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