Pre-event photos

Levi Leipheimer - (c) Ken Conley Santiago Botero - (c) Ken Conley Christian Vandevelde - (c) Ken Conley Pre-event - (c) Ken Conley

Pre-event - (c) Ken Conley Pre-event - (c) Ken Conley Pre-event - (c) Ken Conley

Tour de Georgia Pre-Race Photos

I don't think I offend anyone by saying that conferences are boring to tears. Thankfully this time around they did the race organizers separately from the riders, so there are no shots this time of riders jamming fingers and water bottles in their face to stay awake. The main highlights were that Levi said that this year's course looks easier, race organizers are happy to feature more of eastern Georgia, Ivan Dominguez's unborn child has told him that it doesn't want to be a cyclist, and Tom Danielson has bought up all of his Brasstown Bald coffee as its performance-enhancing powers spurred Levi to victory last year. It seems that Astana, Slipstream, and Rock Racing are the most invested in this race.

I also posted some photos from driving around Tybee Island where, due to its single road in and out, is quite easy to find top international cyclists.

Tour de Georgia Pre-Race Photos

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