Remote shots with no remote

Sprint Finish - (c) Ken ConleyStart of the First Lap in Augusta - (c) Ken Conley
Photos by Katrina Florence

I spent the day driving from Statesboro to Augusta with Mario, one of the Rock Racing photographers. He noted that the balcony of the media room looked over the finish line and wished he had his remote to shoot with, then came up with a brilliant idea: why not hand off his camera to someone in the press room? I couldn't let a good idea go unmimicked, so I handed my camera off to Katrina Florence/Elevation Sports/Rock Racing. I'm quite happy as she caught a photo of the peloton starting the first lap as well as the separation of the sprinters. One of these days I'll pony up money for a set of Pocket Wizard remotes, but until then, this is actually much better. Thanks Katrina and Mario!

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