Stage 1 Bikes/Pre-Race

Rock Racing - (c) Ken Conley Marco Polo - (c) Ken Conley

Stage 1: Bikes and Misc

I took quite a few Rock Racing bike photos before the race as they were all nicely lined up for me. The photo on the left is sort of a virtual Rock Racing skull -- each skull is an eye and the bike rack is the nose. Or perhaps I need more sleep.

The old Marco Polo bike (another photo) also caught me eye. It's way cooler than their new design, which is just the Astana blue Madones. Unlike Levi's backup bike, the Disco Logo still flies.

I also snagged some candids as the riders emerged from their hotels:

Chechu Rubiera - (c) Ken Conley Bobby Julich - (c) Ken Conley Tyler Hamilton - (c) Ken Conley

Stage 1: Bikes and Misc

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