Stage 1 journal

The day started off beautifully at Tybee Island. I stalked Ivan Dominguez and his luggage at the team hotel, figuring that he might produce a win today. I also shot some bike porn, pre-race car washing, and ogled the Jittery Joes BMW team car:

Tybee Island Start - (c) Ken Conley Ivan Dominguez - (c) Ken Conley Toyota-United - (c) Ken Conley Marco Polo - (c) Ken Conley Rock Racing - (c) Ken Conley Team Cars - (c) Ken Conley Team Cars - (c) Ken Conley

Team Type 1 has interesting bidons:

Team Type 1 - (c) Ken Conley

Then there was a quick stop at the lighthouse before I joined the race caravan leaving the island. The power lines are a bit of a bummer. I could have shot less powerlines if I had gone to ground level, but given the presence of three other photographers at the ideal spot down there, I stuck to my guns with the high shot. I could always photoshop out the powerlines ;) (in fact, I did remove one already)

Tybee Lighthouse - (c) Ken Conley

I failed to catch up with the peloton on the other side of Savannah. I made a wrong turn and by the time I corrected they had blazed past. With such a short stage it was a long shot to try and catch them so quickly.

For the sprint finish I attempted to shoot with two cameras: my 70-200 f/2.8 IS in my right hand and my 16-35 in my left. The result of the experiment was a bit of a failure as the wide shot isn't worth it and I couldn't adjust the zoom on my 70-200 -- it's a bit too wide. Next time I coming with Pocket Wizard remotes! (if I have the $$$)

Sprint Finish in Savannah - (c) Ken Conley Dominguez Wins - (c) Ken Conley

After the finish I took some shots up Dominguez's nostrils and did the podium thing. It was nice to see Scott Nydam reprise his role from the Tour of California. It was also amusing to see Robert Forster with lipstick on his cheek, which unfortunately doesn't photograph well.

Ivan Dominguez - (c) Ken Conley Ivan Dominguez - (c) Ken Conley Robert Forster - (c) Ken Conley Scott Nydam - (c) Ken Conley

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Cool Ken, nice to see your pics from Georgia.


Nice lighthouse shots. Also like the Dominguez shot on the podium (those are the same girls from last year, no?).

And it looks like Jittery Joe's traded in their Mini for a Bimmer :)

(Also used a few of your photos at my site. Thanks for sharing.)

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