Stage 3: Henderson wins crazy downhill sprint, High Road 1-2

Henderson Wins the Sprint - (c) Ken Conley
Photo by Ken Conley

Tour de Georgia Stage 3 Photo Gallery

High Road took control of the peloton as it arrived in Gainesville and kept that control until the end. Andre Greipel lead Greg Henderson out at the start of the downhill and no one could challenge as the peloton reached blistering 50+mph speeds. Greipel was able to coast into second as Henderson managed a very quick arms raised salute before having to regain control of his bike. George Hincapie raised his arms in salute as well, having protected Henderson though the finishing circuit.

With the exception of the KOM jersey, which is firmly in the hands of Frank Pipp until the peloton sees another climb, there was a major reshuffling of the jerseys. Greg Henderson jumped into the top spot after Ivan Dominguez had major trouble staying attached to the peloton. I'm not sure what happened, but there were a lot of Toyota United riders off the back. Greg Henderson also got take the sprinter jersey that had been on loan from Ivan Dominguez. Tyler Farrar's third-place sprint broke the tie in the best young rider competition. He also moved into second place in the sprint classification.

Greg Henderson - (c) Ken Conley Greg Henderson - (c) Ken Conley Greg Henderson - (c) Ken Conley

Sutherland Soloes into Red - (c) Ken ConleyIt was breakaway central on the undulating circuit as Rory Sutherland was first to get separation on the peloton. His daring effort earned him the Most Aggressive Jersey award. Oscar Sevilla also repeated his breakaway attempt from yesterday and managed to jump past Sutherland, but was unable to hold off the lineup for the sprint.

An earlier, four-man breakaway of Scott Zwizanski, Frank Pipp, Rhys Pollock and Moises Aldape was able to get separation on the field after a crash in the peloton took out Slipstream's Tim Duggan. Frank Pipp used the break to gather up two of the three intermediate sprints while Pollock flew his Most Aggressive jersey.

Danielsville - (c) Ken Conley Breakaway - (c) Ken Conley

Tour de Georgia Stage 3 Photo Gallery

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