Tour de Georgia Roster Posted

The TdG riders roster has been posted. I don't pretend to understand cycling rules and agreements enough to know why Botero/Sevilla/Hamilton can race the Tour de Georgia but not the Tour of California, but I go with what the link says.

I'm excited to see a good roster for the event, even with the small number of teams: Horner, Leipheimer, Chechu, Julich, McGee, McCartney, Haedo, Hincapie, Forster, Tuft, Danielson, Farrar, Vandevelde, Pate, Zabriskie, Sutherland, Menzies, Baldwin, Rollin, Dominguez, and more. American cycling will be well represented, though with Cozza on the DL, there will be only one mustache.

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You going? I just dropped by to refresh on some of the photo guidance that's been posted here over the years (thanks for keeping it up!). I covered it last year, and plan to get down there for the last few stages again.

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