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Bixby Bridge - (c) Ken Conley
Photo by Ken Conley

Tomorrow I head up to Sacramento to start partaking in the Tour of California action. My pick Landis had a bit of spill today but Team OUCH has proclaimed, "'tis but a flesh wound". I'll try to post some happenings on my Twitter account, probably when I'm killing time on the road side waiting for the peloton to arrive.

Be sure to send love to (they also have Twitter accounts):

  • Steve's already covering the press conference. Should be plenty of original and aggregated ToC content.
  • Fritz will also be covering a bit of the ToC in person.
  • Podium Insight: Lyne and Steph already have a lot of content in the bank from visiting plenty of training camps and that dynamic duo is sure to do plenty more out on the road

And, to toot my own horn, look for my photos at:

  • -- you may notice the double kwc/PCH action across their top banner right now. Thien is shooting tons of vids to share on the site, so look for some great content there.
  • Adobe Tour Tracker/Amgen Tour of California Flickr account -- I don't have the means or manpower to upload from the road, so expect nightly updates.
  • Road Bike Action -- I'm not sure you'll see my stuff on the site, but there should be some in the next magazine
  • Here, as always, on the

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This is so cool that I started a petition to get the Tour De France organizers to adopt the same technology. All of us cyclists should take the one minute to add our names to this petition so we can hopefully watch the 2009 tour from the comfort of our computers at work:

Please sign!!

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