ToC '09 through Darrell Parks' eyes

If you read Pez, you know Darrell Parks work. We spent a lot of time running into each other along the course of the ToC as we each sought out our ideal spots. He's a great cycling photographer with only one failing trait: he left California for Northern Virginia. I never knew there was such a thing as cycling when I grew up in Northern Virginia, and yet he maintains a finely tuned eye for the sport.

I didn't do a proper diary of this year's ToC, but I'll just pretend all his wisdom and insights are my own and point to his instead. Darrell's one of those guys I would shake my fist at from time to time because, even though we would be shooting the same thing, he'd find a better angle, so read up and enjoy.

Pez: The Photog's View: Chasing California!

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I missed your expanded Tour diaries this year, though I know you were super busy just shooting the photos then processing them afterwards.

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