Al made into the VeloNews Monday Mailbag:

Some friends and I went to the prologue, and couldn't wait to see the coverage on TV. Needless to say, I was pretty disappointed in what I saw. At first I was pretty frustrated because of what I'm used to in OLN Tour coverage, and the WCP race DVDs I have.

But, as the race started to move over the familiar roads my friends and I ride, I began to change my mind. It finally hit me that at least there is a race, one, and two, regardless of how bad pizza is, it's still pizza. So regardless of how bad it's been. (and it seems to have steadily gotten better), I'll watch it, record it and probably watch it again when I need a cycling fix or a way to pass the time on the trainer on the one or two days it might rain here in the San Francisco Bay area in the next few months,.

If you're unhappy, get over it. The race organizers must have gotten the message by now, and are most likely taking the appropriate steps to improve the way the race will be shown on TV. Amgen has sunk a ton of dough into the title sponsorship, and I'm sure they will do whatever it takes to make sure they take the race to level of the one in Georgia to save their image and endear themselves to cyclists.

I pretty much agree. As I mentioned early, I think the coverage got a lot better. It was important to whine a little bit so that they patched things up, but now I think it's time to praise Amgen and AEG for helping to put on an awesome event, for buying eight days of ESPN2 coverage, and for giving us live video and text feeds to give us our early year cycling fix.

A friend of mine helped run the Boston Marathon site when the first started allowing you to check where an individual rider was. They ended up getting an order of magnitude more traffic than expected because of people checking to see where their friends were and had to bring a lot more servers online to cope. These first time hiccups can be hard to fully anticipate and I'm sure that next year's ToC coverage (online and on TV) will be even better.

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