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Tour of CaliforniaAl and I went to the Tour of California Stage 2/3 route announcement at the San Jose City Hall Rotunda. There was a lot of speeches for very, very little information, but it looks like the best place to grab a spot for stage 2 will be on Sierra Rd. I've driven up Sierra Rd before and it's steep. I'm hoping to catch the riders climbing up that, then hop in my car and make it to downtown San Jose for the finish. It's hard to tell if this is possible. Despite all the speechifying about wanting lots of spectators, they didn't give out any information about estimated arrival times, instructions on when the roads would be closed off, or where the good lookout areas are.

Stage 3 is a bit easier to figure out. The riders will start on Bailey Ave and do a 17 mile loop consisting of McKean Rd, Uvas Rd, Oak Glen Ave, Willow Springs Rd, Hale Ave, and Santa Teresa Ave, ending at Los Paseos Park. I'm hoping to watch riders going up the McKean Rd. hill and then darting over to the finish line. The area is pretty darn remote (near IBM Almaden/Bernal Rd), so there may not be enough road to cut between different parts of the course.

They said to expect another big announcement in a week or so, presumably another major team that's entering. Last week, CSC announced they would be racing with Zabriskie, Julich, and Vande Velde. Gerolsteiner, Discovery, T-Mobile, Phonak, Saunier Duval-Prodir, and Lotto have also been announced, so the field already looks to be really good.

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