Chipotle Giant Burrito, I miss you

Voigt realizes the ceiling is a bit lowThe awards ceremonies are not without their unique, fun moments. Like yesterday, there was Jens Voigt discovering that the organizers built the ceiling a little too low (Graeme Brown had the same problem after stage 1). There was also Jason Donald putting on the jersey backwards.

One of my favorite moment was after the prologue when all the Slipstream riders (Jason Donald, Taylor Tolleson) carried a giant Chipotle burrito on stage:

Jason Donald Taylor Tolleson

But I haven't caught sight of the burrito since. Tom Peterson has been their only rider at the awards presentation for every stage since the prologue (he impersonated Taylor Tolleson during the stage 1 awards). Is Peterson averse to carrying the burrito on stage, or did the burrito get eaten?

Update: I asked Tom Peterson -- the organizers won't allow the giant burrito on stage anymore.

Tom Peterson impersonating Taylor Tolleson

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