Host cities for Tour of California Announced

I'm really looking forward to the Tour of California next year. The crowds were big this year, but think of the Floyd Landis effect. There are In-n-Out Burger chains in/near all the new host cities (Sacramento, Stockton, and Long Beach have In-n-Outs, there's one nearby Santa Clarita in Newhall, and Salinas is 20 min from Seaside), so Landis will be unable to resist entering.

The route itself is still under wraps, but here the basics are below. It was previously announced that San Jose would not get two stages this year; now we know that the time trial has migrated south to Solvang.

  • Prologue: Sunday, Feb. 18 - San Francisco
  • Stage 1: Monday, Feb. 19 - Sausalito to Santa Rosa
  • Stage 2: Tuesday, Feb. 20 - Santa Rosa to Sacramento
  • Stage 3: Wednesday, Feb. 21 - Stockton to San Jose
  • Stage 4: Thursday, Feb. 22 - Seaside to San Luis Obispo
  • Stage 5: Friday, Feb. 23 - Solvang time trial
  • Stage 6: Saturday, Feb. 24 - Santa Barbara to Santa Clarita
  • Stage 7: Sunday, Feb. 25 - Long Beach circuit race

The definites for me are the prologue and stage 3. The most curious for me is the stage 5 Solvang time trial -- they probably moved that later as the time trial was too decisive too early in the 2006 event. Stage 6 also looks like it could be really exciting -- my guess is that it will swing up through Ojai and top a mountain or two. I'm thinking of driving down Thursday night and taking in stages 5-7 in addition to the prologue and stage 3. (To all you Tour of Georgians -- next year might also be the year I make it out to Brasstown Bald).

Amgen Tour of California Press Release: AEG Announces Host Cities for 2007

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