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I decided to head over the press room at the end of the stage today on a whim to see if they would give me a press credential. I've already done three stages without one and got decent photos, but it's been challenging -- you can't get a good spot near the awards presentation, a lot of the good viewing spots are marked off, spectators block your shots, etc...

Lo and behold, my very first press credential:


I will be testing it out for the first time at Solvang and then at the start in Santa Clarita.

I don't know exactly why they gave me a credential, but I do know that it did require that I have actual readers, so I thank all of you who have this site on a bookmark, or read the feed, or have linked to stories here, or incorporated photos I've taken in your own entries. I also appreciate those of you who have left positive feedback to let me know that I'm not posting into the void.

My press pass is not going to get me the ride on a motorcycle that I want, but if I get one at Sea Otter it probably means that I can hop in the media van to be taken to different spots on the course. Al and d have both agreed to carry my gear if I can get them credentialed as well, which also opens up possibilities :).

The biggest difference for me is psychological. I've been trying to set a higher bar for myself and this is the next step. Or perhaps I'm just trying to raise the bar so I can order that shiny new Canon 16-35L lens I want, or that 70-200 f/2.8L USM IS, or that ... :).

Suggestions (for this site, and for lenses) are always welcome.

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Well deserved, nice one!


hey congrats! that would be sweet some day. i have to get some practice with my 70-200 f/4 that your site talked me into first ;)

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