Prologue: Bettini's day

Paolo Bettini clearly wasn't having a good day yesterday and it's probably fair to say that he won't be a competitor in the Tour of California -- he's currently in 122nd place (out of 144) at 42 seconds back. What was striking for me was how looked better in warmup than the actual race:

Paolo Bettini Paolo Bettini

Bettini pretty much crawled past us in comparison to the other riders:

(video credits: offtopicartisan, thanks parakkum for the loaning the camera)

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Probably a strategy. Bettini's not here for an overall win. He may just be getting in his miles, but if he's riding for results, his best shot is a late breakaway or field sprint. In that case, he doesn't want to be within a few seconds of anyone who would organize a chase. By having a low placing now, he gains the freedom to maneuver later.

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