Tour of California Stage 4: Bettini's got legs

Photo by Mike Shimahara, BikeZen.comPaolo Bettini, I apologize. I noted your apathetic form in the prologue and stage 1, thinking that you didn't have form yet. But clearly you had a strategy to win because you took today's stage and quite nearly yesterday's as well -- if Mick Rogers hadn't gotten a flat on the descent, your chase group may have had enough power to reel it it.

photos by Mike Shimahara,

It was a very different stage from last year's and not just with the deluge of rain. While there was a flurry of early attacks, Discovery Channel seemed to do a good job of letting a break get away and then keeping it on a three-minute leash. As the finish line approached, the sprint teams did their part to reel it back in and setup the finish.

Great Mark Shimahara shot of Basso leading Levi down along the ocean

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