BMC @ Hobees

BMC Dinner

Fritz/Cyclelicious alerted me to the BMC team dinner at Hobees in Palo Alto. The team is in town previewing the Tour of California route. I went on over to find out what the team had planned for the rest of their training camp. You can catch them on Mount Hamilton on Friday (1:30-ish) or along the Sausalito/Santa Rosa route on Monday (depart Mill Valley 10am). I took some photos while I was there, though I restrained myself given the Hobees setting.

BMC Dinner Photo Gallery

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Nice photos, Ken. I'm glad you made it!

Were there any other blogging / news type people there?

kwc Author Profile Page:

As far as I could tell, there were two other photographers and a reporter there. I'm not sure of their affiliation. The space was awkward and made conversation difficult.

A restaurant seems a weird venue for publicity, I guess.

I just noticed your photo link sends me to your Sea Otter set.

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