Reviewing the Tour of California, by Press Room

An inside perspective, based on the food that each host city provided:

  • Stanford: Beer, which ran out by the time I got there
  • Santa Rosa: Gourmet sandwiches with goat cheese, grilled onions, and spinach greens. A matching salad and brownies as well.
  • Sacramento: Pizza Hut
  • San Jose: Gourmet juice cocktails and some snacks
  • San Luis Obispo: Local pizzeria
  • Solvang: Bottle of wine in every gift basket (choice of syrah, pinot noir, chardonnay, and others) as well as a fruit platter.
  • Santa Clarita: Sandwiches, mustard potato salad, pasta, cookies -- very catered
  • Rose Bowl: Lays potato chips and Gatorade energy bars. Limited supply of sandwiches.

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