Stage 6: Cavendish Wins, Pagliarini Really Wins

Luciano Pagliarini Takes Victory From Second - (c) Ken Conley
Photo by Ken Conley

Sprint Finish - (c) Ken Conley Luciano Pagliarini - (c) Ken Conley

Above: Mark Cavendish Gets His Victory Salute on Course, Pagliarini Gets His After the Race

Stage 6 Photo Gallery

Luciano Pagliarini - (c) Ken ConleyOnce again Luciano Pagliarini once again raised the Brazilian flag on American soil, but first their was much confusion. At first the stage seemed to be the miraculous comeback of Mark Cavendish to take the stage: a crash on the second lap, a hectic chase to get back in the peloton, and victory in the final sprint -- only the miracle turned out to be the assistance of a team car that he hung on to. High Road says that Cavendish's rear derailleur was broken and needed fixing, the judge said 20 seconds and no first for you. It's a disappointing result for the San Luis Obispo-based Team High Road, which is still looking for Tour of California success.

Mark Cavendish - (c) Ken Conley Mark Cavendish in the Peloton on the First Lap - (c) Ken Conley

Above: Mark Cavendish is in the peloton on the first lap, but soon finds himself banged up and chasing alone

Today is the type of finish that makes a photographer groan. You get the shot of the person first across the line. You get lots of photos of the celebration afterward. And then the person who walks onto the podium is not the person you shot.

Stage 6 Photo Gallery

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Ugh, fiasco. I was wondering where Cavendish came from. All of a sudden he was just *there*.


There was what looked like a pretty terse exchange between Cipo and Cavendish just after the finish... I wonder what the deal was, since it sounded like both were motorpacing back up (some reports even have Cavendish grabbing on to the team car)?

Your photos have been fantastic by the way, Ken. The quality of your shots have grown by leaps and bounds, and they were damn good to begin with!


I'll try and do a post on this later, but the Cipo/Cavendish exchange was likely due to the fact that Cavendish crashed and took out 4 out of the 5 Rock Racing riders, including Cipo.

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