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Tour of CaliforniaIt's now countdown T-minus 2 days to the Tour of California Prologue and I'm feeling the ToC vibe in full. I'll be following the Tour of California in my car from start to finish. Look for photos of the race to go up on shortly after each race finishes. Those of you with RSS readers can subscribe to I'll reiterate again: I won't be using Flickr, except perhaps for a teaser photo or two.

For events like the Tour of California I'm more focused on photography and usually a bit too exhausted to do race summaries, so I'll do my best to link to others doing race summaries, commentaries, etc... as I find it. Please feel free to send links my way and I'll aggregate them here. Speculatively:

  • will do a good job as always
  • Fritz of will be on the scene for the prologue, stage 2, and possible 3/4
  • Fritz and I may make an audio appearance on The FredCast -- they'll be working to get you the latest and greatest news.

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