Stage 4: Cavendish Gets His Win

Into the Sierras - (c) Ken Conley
Freire Out - (c) Ken Conley
Photo by Ken Conley
Nydam Down - (c) Ken Conley Fly V Australia - (c) Ken Conley

Tour of California Stage 4 Gallery

Cavendish had plenty of motivation going into this year's Tour of California. Last year his only stage victory was taken away as he was relegated for holding onto the team car in the final laps. Yesterday he was beaten out by Thor Hushovd after he tussled with Freddie Rodriguez. Today he got his first Tour of California victory and put Columbia on the board. It's a mixed day for Columbia as they lost Kim Kirchen to a crash that also took out Oscar Freire. I managed to catch Cavendish off the back on the approach into Clovis. He quickly got back with the help of Renshaw and a car boost.

Mark Cavendish - (c) Ken Conley
Photo by Ken Conley

I spent the day in the Fly V Australia team car, where the day's story became clear even before the first climb was reached. Eleven riders failed to finish, either due to sickness, conditioning, or crashes. Nydam appeared to have one of the worse crashes as there was blood streaming from his chin when I passed. Jelly Belly only lost one rider, but two of their riders were off the back most of the day. Another of their riders, Bernard van Ulden, crashed on the final descent and had to pace himself to the finish with a bleeding knee and a bike several sizes too small. Ouch, Team Type 1, and Fly V all had similarly bad days. There are a lot of sore bodies in the peloton, including Landis, who also crashed with Freire and Kirchen.

Tour of California Stage 4 Gallery

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How'd you get Freire's photo? Why did the Fly V car stop for that crash?

The podium girls looked especially fetching today in those blue dresses!

kwc Author Profile Page:

I shot it from a moving car with a long lens

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