Tour of California 2009 Route

Some of the details had already been leaked, but there are some important changes in the final route announcement:

  • there is a prologue after all
  • no mountain top finish after all -- the race will end in Escondido instead of atop Mt. Palomar


Short loop around the State Capitol

Stage 1

Short climb up Monticello Dam, past Lake Berryessa, up Howell Mountain Road in Napa Valley, and up Calistoga Road to cross over into Santa Rosa.

Stage 2

Golden Gate Bridge to Pacific Coast Highway, with climbs up Tunitas Creek and Bonny Doon before descending into Santa Cruz

Stage 3

Runs in reverse of past year's routes: starts with a climb up Sierra Road, then Patterson Pass, followed by a finish in Modesto.

Stage 4

Stage 4 spends the day in the Sierras, a first for the Tour of California

Stage 5

Longest stage features a lot of flat racing across the San Joaquin Valley before crossing into Paso Robles.

Stage 6

The tried and true Solvang TT course

Stage 7

Like last year's final stage, the riders will go from Santa Clarita up the towering Millcreek Summit, before descending towards finishing laps in Pasadena

ToC Stage 7 Elevation.500.jpg

Stage 8

Mt. Palomar: 4200 ft of climbing over 11.7 miles on the final day of the ToC

ToC Stage 8 Elevation.500.jpg

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sleeper spot to watch - the two descents on Stage One, Deer Park and Calistoga Road are STEEP and super fast with excellent pavement. fun to watch and an escaper will try to fly away but with the circuits - bunch finish.

LOVE the climbs up Tunitas and Bonny Doon. Bonny Doon is very hard and that stage will not end in a bunch sprint, that will be a stage for time gaps.

Of course my first child is due on the day of Stage 2...

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