Tour of California 2009 Stage 3: Hushovd Scores His First

Calaveras - (c) Ken Conley
Photo by Ken Conley
Astana - (c) Ken Conley
Photo by Ken Conley

Stage 3 Photos

A four-man break valiantly tried to stay away all the way from Sierra Road and two made it to the streets of Modesto, but even with one of the circuits eliminated it was too hard to deny the sprint teams their much desired stage. Cervelo's Dominique Rollin delivered Hushovd around the final corner and he stomped his way to his first Tour of California victory.

It was another hard day for the riders. The sleepy noon start worked against the riders. There were blue skies ahead and behind of the riders, but it was pure rain above. I passed by Ian MacGregor of Team Type 1 being transferred between ambulances after crashing on the descent of Sierra Road.

Apologies for the overly processed photo above (and the like with the Golden Gate). I normally refrain from that extreme of exposure remapping, but with the rain destorying all the scenic takes, I felt it was necessary to try and show what the rain was hiding.

Stage 3 Photos

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That top shot is awesome, as is the golden gate bridge shot below. So are you making these HDR images from a single RAW file? However you are doing it; very nice work.


They are both single shot RAW files, processed with Lightroom. I tend to start with Matt's Surreal Edgy Preset and dial it way back to get the tone-mapped look.

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