Tour of California 2009 Stage 6: Levi in Solvang, Again

Levi Leipheimer - (c) Ken Conley
Photo by Ken Conley

The Solvang course is Levi country. It has yet to deny him, even with strong competition from Dave Zabriskie this year.

I have to head out as the transfer today is quite long. My photos from today are fairly terrible. I attempted to go big with my Levi and Lance photos and fell on my face instead. I took some safe shots earlier and should have stuck with that, but with the Prologue in the bank it was time for something new.

Tour of California Stage 6: Solvang

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Aww man, none of Z with his Captain America supersuit.

kwc Author Profile Page:

Zabriskie is in there

Ahh, there it is -- missed it the first time!

Eric Faber:

Ken -

Just dropping a line to say your pictures are sensational. Keep up the great work!

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