Tour of California Stage 3 Details

Stage 3 of the Tour of California is shaping up to be a gem. Here's the approximate route:

  • Sausalito
  • Golden Gate
  • Highway 1 to Half Moon Bay
  • Up Tunitas Creek to Skyline and La Honda Road
  • Back to Highway 1 via Pescadero Road
  • Bonny Doon Road climb
  • Down Empire Grade Road to Santa Cruz

More details in the Merc (thanks AV list)

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With the 'nclick_check' the Merc News weirdly tries to redirect to It works without the query string.

I'm a little ticked at myself that the Merc News scooped me on this. I talked with Santa Cruz organizer Matt Twisselman a few weeks ago about the route. He told me they were trying for hills but it was still a work in progress. Because of the election I didn't follow up and, to be honest, I didn't think the route would be ready just yet. Oh well.

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