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December 15, 2010

Darrell Parks' 2011 Calendar


Darrell Parks and I have shot many an event together. He's put together a 2011 Tour of California calendar that, I'm ashamed to say, is better than anything I could have done. It's modestly priced at $12.95, which is like buying 12 prints for a little over $1 each. If you hurry, it could even make a good stocking stuffer.

2011 Calendar

May 22, 2010

ToC 2010 Stage 7: Los Angeles

Fabian Cancellara - (c) Ken Conley
Photo by Ken Conley
Tony Martin - (c) Ken Conley
Photo by Ken Conley
Michael Rogers - (c) Ken Conley Fabian Cancellara - (c) Ken Conley Levi Leipheimer - (c) Ken Conley Dave Zabriskie - (c) Ken Conley

Well, the stage winners have been a bit harder to predict than usual. Two Sagans, Chicchi upsetting Cav, and now Panzer Wagon Tony Martin. Liquigas and HTC have plenty to be thrilled with this ToC. Moving the race to May really has shaken up the typical storyline, resulted in some interesting new stages, and given us a lot of drama -- even if it hasn't changed the weather much. Levi will probably try to go out guns ablazing, but HTC has been incredibly impressive. I can't believe Martin pulled off a performance like today after such a hard day yesterday bringing back the breaks.

I shot "boring" today. The only chance I had to do something interesting was for Cancellara, who started very early in the day. Two days on moto has given me plenty of spread material, so I had to start shooting some tight-in rider portraits to given the magazine more to work with.

Its been fun to meet some readers on this trip. Thanks to Pat, Manny, Jarrett, and others (and apologies for any name misspellings) for saying hi. Hope the photos this time around keep you reading. I'll do a "best of" gallery when I get back, but for now I have to make sure I have time to sleep.

May 18, 2010

ToC 2010 Stage 3: Zabriskie wins the GC sprint

Zabriskie Wins Stage 3 - (c) Ken Conley
Photo by Ken Conley

The Santa Cruz was less decisive this year, but it did whittle the GC contenders down to the three who crossed the line first today. Zabriskie took the stage win, but Michael Rogers and Levi Leipheimer were there, and all are strong enough to put in a good show at the LA time trial.

I'm going to award today's DVD prize to AJ. The prediction is a bit late, but predicting late is a good gamble on a stage like today's.

As always, please check Road Bike Action and for my galleries. Today's reel has shots from San Francisco, Tunitas, La Honda, and Santa Cruz.

May 17, 2010

ToC 2010 Stage 2: Lancaster wins in another wet Santa Rosa stage

Lancaster Wins - (c) Ken Conley
Photo by Ken Conley

This year's Davis-Santa Rosa stage was another wet and wild one. Brett Lancaster of Cervelo took the sprint and looked more relieved that finishing first met that his suffering was over first. Little did he know that winning meant that he would get the yellow and green jerseys. The podium ceremonies were cut short as Lancaster began to strongly shiver and was escorted to warmer abodes.

The rain wasn't as frequent as last year, but the crashes and GC consequences were much worse. Radioshack and Garmin were well represented in the group of 26 that crossed the line first. Fans of Cancellara and Hincapie will likely have to cross those riders off the GC contenders list. Paul Mach of Bissell continues to ride well on his home turf and finished with the first group.

As before, look for my galleries on and Road Bike Action. Many thanks to Renis and Rebecca Harvey. Renis was a "human" PocketWizard for some of the shots I took today at the Stevenson Bridge in Davis.

There's no winner for today's DVD giveaway, but there will be plenty more opportunities.

May 16, 2010

ToC 2010 Stage 1: Cavendish

Stage 1 Mark Cavendish Wins - (c) Ken Conley
Photo by Ken Conley

Stage 1 goes to Mark Cavendish, who avoided the spills in the finishing circuits to easily beat the remaining sprinters. My galleries will be going up on Road Bike Action and I'm keeping a sparser collection here until I have time to put together fuller galleries.

Congrats to Jim, who wins the first of the Liz Hatch DVDs.

Contest note: you can lock-in your predictions whenever you want. I think Jim happened to have a very good prediction that I'm surprised hasn't been used for future stages...

October 22, 2009

Tour of California 2010 Route

As many have already heard via the coordinated Schwartzenegger, Armstrong, Leipheimer, Hincapie, and Zabriskie twittering, the 2010 Tour of California Route has been unveiled. really took the lead on getting the early draft route details out to the public, so you should head on over for the latest.

Given Steephill's work on figuring on the route, the real surprise for the day was Armstrong confirming for the race. He had indicated a desire to race the Giro instead, so this is a pretty big win for the ToC in terms of PR. There is certainly going to be a talent drain over previous years due to the scheduling conflicts, but where Armstrong goes, many follow.