Tour of California 2010 Route

As many have already heard via the coordinated Schwartzenegger, Armstrong, Leipheimer, Hincapie, and Zabriskie twittering, the 2010 Tour of California Route has been unveiled. really took the lead on getting the early draft route details out to the public, so you should head on over for the latest.

Given Steephill's work on figuring on the route, the real surprise for the day was Armstrong confirming for the race. He had indicated a desire to race the Giro instead, so this is a pretty big win for the ToC in terms of PR. There is certainly going to be a talent drain over previous years due to the scheduling conflicts, but where Armstrong goes, many follow.

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I do not see the KOM climb "difficulty" categories on any stage profile or flat course map in this year's 2010 Tour of California.

After a reasonable search of several TOC websites (steephill, velonews, cyclingnews, bycycling, versus), review of stage maps and race course profiles (some of which show the locations of sprint and KOM sites), I cannot find a depiction of the KOM "Climb Categories" (i.e. 5,4,3,2,1,HC). Video or written stage previews sometimes mention the Category of a few KOM sites, but never in order nor complete. 2010 TOC stage 1 had one KOM site where the awarded KOM points were 6, 5, 4, 3 and 1 (as shown in "results"). Often the KOM points awarded depend on the climb difficulty, often with doubled points if the KOM site is also the finish line. A quick perusal of the stage map and profile graphics at 2009 TdF or for the 2010 Giro (color-coded for difficulty) would educate TOC staff regarding the various presentations of KOM site "climb difficulty". Points and time bonuses may be "race specific", so an easy-to-find "Race Rules" website button would be appreciated, perhaps including any TOC unique color-codes and definitions. Perhaps I haven't discovered the "official TOC website" with "official TOC rules" and "official TOC stage maps/profiles". It is not too late to edit the "official 2010 TOC stage profiles".

Also of concern: The various websites visited showed different routes (Stage 1 maps were different at Auburn/Lake Clementine/North Fork, often skipping the hairpin route up to to Stage 1 KOM site.) The TOC has encouraged multiple, independent "speculative race course maps" by delayed race course finalization and last minute changes. Written descriptions of points-of-interest and towns along the race, by stage, with hyperlinks to websites and videos (ala TdF), might be joint-ventured with the CA Tourist Industry.

Anxious to impress viewers that the TOC has become a "top international cycling event", I would hope the TOC staff responsibly distributes late changes in stage profiles and maps, including KOM site climb categories, to these respected websites as part of race management.

Does anyone know whether Google Earth has done 2010 TOC routes?
URL?? 2010 Giro is on Google Earth. Google is CA based.

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