Tour of California 2011: Detour through the Central Valley

Like most, I was disappointed that the planned traditional route down PCH was cancelled due to the road washing out. I've driven 101 past Salinas and wasn't expecting much of the re-routed course. But I was wrong.

This may be my favorite scenic that I've taken. I'm fickle, so that's as much based on the fact it is more recent than other scenics I've taken. I like that it expresses my point of view. Darrell Parks makes fun of me for taking photos of "ants" -- whenever he catches me scrambling up a hillside, he'll ask me if I'm taking photos of ants; I'll reply that I need to climb higher. In this case, I climbed higher up the hill, setup a remote with a 70-200, then wandered down to stand on a fence post and block Darrell's shot.

Steve Anderson documented this process:

Ken & Darrell Ken Conley

I got stupidly greedy and attempted to get a shot with my 300mm before switching to the wide. As I struggled to get the 300mm off my camera body, I nearly fell off the post, recovered, and got off two other framings:

Here's another shot from earlier in the day; it doesn't quite work at web resolution, but I'm still fond of it. Steve Anderson's take works much better and has an added bonus: pink flowers.

Here are Darrell and Steve's galleries from the day:

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