Tour of California 2011: Snow!

For various reasons, I didn't end up doing galleries/posts this year at the Tour of California. If you want to see my work, you'll have to wait for some upcoming issues of Peloton Magazine, or checkout the gallery of mine they ran midway through.

Now that I have more time again, I'll share a couple of pics and say a few words.

Moto down

This first photo is the Stage 1 cancellation in a nutshell. If any of you thought the riders were wimps for pushing for protesting the stage, the photo above was taken on course, at about the same time the riders would have ridden it. The motorcycle you see on the ground is one of the photo motos, and it was one of six to crash. If there weren't so much snow falling, you'd see another motorcycle on the ground 50 yards ahead.

FYI: As much as I like the bike xing sign, Darrell Parks has a much better take. He was bold enough to get out of his car and get some shots. I was too chicken -- my car was quickly loosing traction and I was wanted to get to a safe stopping point ASAP.

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